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Photo ID Make Model Capacitysort ascending
Hyster H80XL forklift 5417 HYSTER H80XL 8 000lbs
CAT GP40 forklift for sale 5443 CAT GP40K1 8 000lbs
dans forklifts sale forklift 5464 HYSTER H80XM 8 000lbs
Hyster H80XL forklift for sale 5514 HYSTER H80XL 8 000lbs
Hyster H60FT 5439 HYSTER H60FT 6 000lbs
Dans Forklifts Ltd 5440 HYSTER H60FT 6 000lbs
Hyster Yale forklifts for sale 5445 HYSTER H60FT 6 000lbs
Toyota forklifts for sale 5460 TOYOTA 52-6FGU30 6 000lbs
A605 MITSUBISHI FG30N 6 000lbs
Daewood G25S-3 forklift for sale 5449 DAEWOO G25S-3 5 000lbs