Rentals policy

DAN’S FORKLIFTS - Forklift Rentals 

  • Forklift Rental rates are based on a one-shift usage.
  • One shift is defined as 8 hours a day 5 days a week - i.e.  8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
  • Overtime rates: (second shift - add 50% to base rate, third shift add 100% to base rate)
  • All extreme and harsh applications are charged accordingly at a premium rate (Prolonged exposure to salt water, paint overspray, sandblasting, chemicals, acid …..)
  • All forklift rentals are to be paid prior to the delivery of the rental equipment to the site.
  • If the rental equipment is not required for the full time charged, the remaining portion would be returned to the customer upon the return of the above rental equipment.
  • Rental rates do not go towards the purchase of any equipment.
  • Customer is responsible for transportation charges.
  • Customer is responsible for insurance and taxes – Insurance to be covered by customer’s own policy.
  • Customer is responsible for all maintenance and repairs due to misuse or damage due to abuse.
  • Customer is responsible for fuel and oil used in daily operation and daily service checks (oil, water, etc.)
  • Customer is responsible daily service checks for machine condition and battery service.
  • Customer will be billed for all damage to the equipment, all maintenance and repairs due to misuse or damage due to abuse (i.e..  tire repairs, bent forks, damaged attachments, cleaning, repainting, etc.) throughout the duration of the rental and after a final inspection of the machine has been made after the rental is returned.   
  • All maintenance and service are done in the Dan’s Equipment Repairs Ltd hours of operation Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Customers must schedule in times for regular maintenance.