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Photo ID Make Model Capacitysort ascending
9,000 lb Capacity Hyster H90XM 9 000lbs
9,000 lb Capacity, Full Cab, Solidmatic Tires Hyster H90XM 9 000lbs
8000 lb Capacity HYSTER H80XM 8 000lbs
7000 lb Rental Forklift HELI CPYD35-KU1H 7 000lbs
6000 lb Capacity Forklift Rental Hyster H60XM 6 000lbs
#P521, 5000 lb, Low Clearance (fits into undergound parkades) Hyster H50XM 5 000lbs
#P538 , Rental Lift Truck (non-marking tires) Mitsubishi FG25 5 000lbs
Low Clearance Nissan 5 000lbs
P505 HYSTER H50FT 5 000lbs
Dans Forklift rentals P546 HYSTER H50FT 5 000lbs